Property Technician (part time)

Corinth Reformed Church is seeking a motivated, skilled, experienced individual to create and sustain a safe, hospitable church environment through routine maintenance and repair work to the physical plant.

The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated, independent worker, who also has the ability to function as a team member, and who has:

  • Agreement with our church’s faith expressed in Article IV of the church constitution.
  • Love for God and others, as demonstrated by a commitment to high standards of Christian living and service to God.
  • Demonstrated skill set and experience working in a variety of areas of building and maintenance work.
  • Ability to work, with reasonable accommodation, in a physically demanding job – climbing ladders, working under sinks or in crawl spaces, lifting up to 50lbs, etc.
  • Awareness of licensing requirements and limitations, and ability to discern which tasks require a professional.
  • Genuine love for and desire to minister in the church.

Primary duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Serve as the church’s primary hands-on maintenance and repair worker for small jobs such as:
    • Minor mechanical and hardware repairs
    • Repairing and painting surfaces
    • Routine plumbing repairs
    • Replacing light fixtures and bulbs
    • Installing/mounting projectors, banners, signs, televisions, etc.
    • Cleaning gutters
    • Caring for outdoor needs such as trash pickup, plant watering, and snow removal
    • Cleaning and replacing HVAC filters
  • Assist the Facilities Manager as requested to:
    • Collect and remove trash and recycling
    • Set up and tear down tables and chairs
    • Partner with and oversee various contract workers
  • Perform other duties determined by the Pastor and assigned supervisor, according to the gifts of the individual and the needs of the congregation and staff.
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