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Men’s Ministry

Each men’s ministry activity is rooted in the study of the essential truths of God’s Word; truths, that when they are applied to our lives, form the basis of authentic Christian character and service to God and the people whom He has created. We understand the importance of meeting one another where we are in life with honesty, authenticity and a sense of camaraderie in our common walk with Christ.

Ministry Area Leader: Keith Black

Women’s Ministry

The women of Corinth are warm and vibrant, drawing strength from God through a variety of Christ-centered Bible studies, small groups, fellowship activities and service ministries. The impact of these activities is evidenced not only in the lives of the women who participate but also in their homes, the church family and many facets of the Hickory community as well.

Ministry Area Leader: Jennifer Duralia

Discovery Groups

These groups are designed to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship, making friends, fun, food, sharing, and prayer. Discovery groups help newcomers get to know each other, and are a great low-pressure place to invite friends from outside the church. Even though these groups may not formally study the Bible together, they focus on the bond we share in Jesus Christ that seasons our conversations with encouragement and positive fun.

Ministry Area Leader: Linda Thompson

Discussion Groups

Studying God’s word is the focus of these groups, making it a great context for interpretation, discussion, and applying the Bible to everyday life. Sharing and praying together add a personal dimension. Groups are offered in both home and class settings. Sunday School classes have an open-ended commitment, while Bible studies and special series have a variety of study lengths.

Ministry Area Leader: Linda Thompson

Discipleship Groups

While discipleship or life groups may offer some of the same things that discovery and discussion groups offer (fun, fellowship, Bible study), they go to a more intensive dimension. With Jesus as our model, discipleship groups include in-depth Bible study, accountability, mentoring with lifestyle impact, sharing our faith, service, and more comprehensive prayer times. In order to accomplish the depth desired in these relationships, we suggest a 1-3 year commitment for 8-12 members.

Ministry Area Leader: Linda Thompson

Caring Ministries

Corinth offers a variety of ministries for individuals going through life’s difficult transitions – divorce, aging, death of a loved one, etc.

Ministry Area Leader: Pastor Lori

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Take this Spiritual Gifts Assessment to learn more about the ways that God has uniquely gifted you to serve others. After you complete the assessment, the results will be sent to the church office. Patter Cross will be in touch to discuss the results.

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For more information about adult ministries at Corinth, contact Linda Thompson.