What is Advent?
Advent refers to the four Sundays before Christmas. The church sets this time aside to prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Why is this season called Advent?
The English word “Advent” comes from the Latin word adventus, meaning “arrival” or “coming.” Advent focuses us on the arrival of Jesus. 

When does Advent begin?
Four Sundays before Christmas. This year, the first Sunday of Advent is December 3. 

When does Advent end?
Christmas Eve is the last day of Advent.

What are the themes of Advent?
Traditionally, we focus on Hope (week 1), Peace (week 2), Joy (week 3), and Love (week 4).

What’s the deal with the Advent Wreath?
Advent Wreaths are a fairly recent addition to Christian practice, only becoming popular in the United States in the 1930s. They are visual reminders of the upcoming celebration, and a reminder to stop and pray on the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. They are arranged in a circle (representing God’s unending love) and surrounded by evergreen boughs (representing eternal life). Each week, one new candle is lit around the wreath. The final center candle, often called the “Christ Candle,” is lit on Christmas Eve.

How do we observe Advent?
At Corinth, we light the Advent wreath in all our Sunday morning services throughout Advent. During this lighting, we have a brief devotion and prayer on the theme of the week. 

We also provide a daily devotional guide that you can use at home to help you prepare for the Advent (arrival) of Jesus.

You might also consider joining us for some of the special services listed below.

  • Sun 12/3, 4:00pm, Bost Memorial Hall – Jesus’ Birthday Party. Includes pizza, cake and time to decorate gingerbread houses. Click here to sign up
  • Sun 12/3, 6:00pm, Front Lawn – Tree Lighting. Brief service of music as we light the outdoor Christmas tree.
  • Sun 12/10, 4:30pm, Bost Memorial Hall – Contemporary Candlelighting and Children’s Christmas Pageant
  • Sun 12/17, 4:30pm, Sanctuary – 84th Annual Traditional Candlelighting
  • Sun 12/24, 11am, Sanctuary – Christmas Eve morning worship (one service only)
  • Sun 12/24, 5pm, Sanctuary – Christmas Eve worship
  • Sun 12/24, 10pm, Sanctuary – Moravian Love Feast